This is my second attempt at a hammock stand. Like the first, it will hold three hammocks, but this resolves a few issues that I've had with the first one since getting it built:

Hammock Stand

This iteration will be significantly larger, due to issues hanging the hammocks adequately high in the first iteration. I'll be using higher-quality wood, too -- the first one was done with construction pine and I'll need to paint it if I want it to last outdoors. I'm hoping to pick up some sort of hardwood that is more durable and stain it this go-round.

I don't think I'll actually end up using the eye lags to hang the hammock; the ones I'd feel comfortable using are really expensive. I'll just using webbing again -- cheap, durable, and doesn't permanently alter the structure.

Click on this to view it interactively. It can also be downloaded and examined more closely in SketchUp, if you're into that sort of thing: