I built a hammock stand!

Picture of the completed hammock stand

I was inspired by the ENOpod, but it's $500 for some reason.


So I decided to make one out of wood instead. As with all new projects I drafted this out in SketchUp prior to building it. In this case it was essential, because calculating the funky angles would have been miserable by hand. Hadn't done double-angled cuts before, so that was fun to learn.

It ended up coming out way too short due to some bad assumptions in the modeling phase. So it does work, but it's not ideal -- hammocks need to be a little too flat, which means it isn't as comfortable as it could be. Still awesome, but in the next iteration I'll fix this.

Another side effect of the shortness is that the webbing (purple bits) connecting the hammock carabiners to the frame have to be tied in an awkward location. When weight is applied they end up getting shoved down into the gap between the top of the frame and the brace there, which pulls it apart a bit -- not good.

As always, here's the model. Click on this to view it interactively. It can also be downloaded and examined more closely in SketchUp, if you're into that sort of thing:


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