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I currently have a home theater setup in my living room. However, the room is not well-suited for it at all, so it's been quite the endeavor. I have one wall covered by the screen, another covered by windows, and another angled awkwardly in relation to the screen. That leaves the back wall for viewing movies.

Currently I have two couches along the back wall, each angled across a corner there. But they don't really fit very well and it leaves a lot of wasted space behind them. So, I'd like to build a couch that covers the entirety of the back wall.

Additionally I'd like to place a second couch along the "awkward viewing" wall, but be able to relocate it in order to watch movies. This means I'll need to loft the back couch -- sort of like stadium seating.

Still in the planning phases of this, but I think I can attach the legs of the back couch on axles so that it can be lofted up/down when needed. More images incoming shortly, but this should give a general idea at least:

Lofted couches

As always, here's the model. Click on this to view it interactively. It can also be downloaded and examined more closely in SketchUp, if you're into that sort of thing:


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